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Is Noise Luna Ring number 1 choice for Health Enthusiasts?

Are you in search of a wearable device that seamlessly tracks your daily activities and sleep patterns without the bulkiness often associated with traditional smartwatches or fitness bands? You don’t need to search elsewhere; the Noise Luna Ring, priced at Rs 14,999, is an elegant smart ring thoughtfully crafted for your comfort, providing real-time health data through its dedicated app. Check out this detailed review for more information.

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The Noise Luna Ring: The Perfect Precision, Sizing and Versatility

Unlike conventional smartwatches and fitness bands that can be resized at home, the Noise Luna Ring requires precise sizing from the start. To ensure you get the ideal fit, Noise thoughtfully provides a sizing kit. While one reviewer found size 9 to be a perfect match, they opted for size 10 for a bit more comfort. It’s worth noting that Noise recommends wearing the ring on the index finger, but it’s versatile enough to switch between the index and second finger as desired.

Noise luna ring size chart

Slim and Sleek: Aesthetic and Functional Features

The Noise Luna Ring boasts an impressive slim profile, measuring just 2.8 mm thick. It’s available in three distinct colors: Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black. Inside the ring, a sophisticated array of sensors records physiological data, integrated into a flexible PCB and protected by a waterproof casing according to the company’s specifications. The Luna Ring sets itself apart from bulkier smart rings with its sleek and streamlined design.

Comfort and Longevity: A Truly Wearable Smart Ring

Many smart rings are thicker than standard rings due to the inclusion of sensors and a battery, potentially impacting comfort. However, the Noisa Luna Ring offers a comfortable wearing experience that can last for days, weeks, and possibly even months.

Easy Pairing, but Privacy Concerns: Connecting to Your Device

Pairing the Noise Luna Ring with your device is a straightforward process. Place it on the charging dock and initiate the pairing through the dedicated app. The app will request essential information like height, gender, and weight, which is used to calculate various parameters. While the pairing process is smooth, there is one caveat: the Android app asks for extensive permissions, including access to contacts and photos, which may raise privacy concerns in today’s digital landscape.

Noise Luna ring Charger
Image Credit: Noise

User Friendly Interface: Making Data Accessible

On a positive note, the app’s user interface is user-friendly. The home page prominently displays various metrics, including activity, readiness, and sleep scores, all derived from an impressive set of 70 metrics. Exploring the details of these metrics is a breeze.

Activity Tracking and Room for Improvement

The Noise Luna Ring is capable of autonomously recording steps and heart rate, generating an activity score based on the data. It provides insights into your activity contributors, such as hourly movement, training frequency, training volume, daytime activity, and more. However, it’s important to note that the ring doesn’t automatically detect activities; manual input for workout sessions is required. Automatic activity detection would be a valuable addition in future updates.

We have noticed a slight discrepancy in step counts between the Noise Luna Ring and Apple Watch.

Uninterrupted Sleep Tracking: Precise Insights

The Noise Luna Ring excels in sleep tracking, making it ideal for those who prefer not to wear smartwatches or fitness bands during sleep. It accurately detects when you fall asleep and wake up. The sleep tracking feature provides a comprehensive breakdown of sleep, including total duration, time in REM, deep sleep, and light sleep, along with insights like restfulness, latency, and timing. Sleep efficiency typically ranged from 75% to 94%. The app promises to send notifications based on this data in the future to enhance overall health and well-being.

Noise smart ring
Image credit: Noise

Readiness Score: Your Daily Indicator

In addition to tracking activity and sleep, the app provides insights through the Readiness Score, which indicates how prepared you are for the day. This score is derived from our recent activity and sleep patterns spanning the last week. An optimal readiness score surpasses 75, a score between 45 and 74 is considered good, and any score below 45 indicates a requirement for further attention. Throughout our one-week testing, our readiness score fluctuated between 65 and 85.

Impressive Battery Life and Easy Recharge

The Noise Luna Ring’s battery life is impressive, lasting four full days with approximately 6% charge remaining after continuous use. The charging dock doesn’t come with an adapter but can be easily used with any USB adapter, requiring around 60 minutes for a complete recharge.

Conclusion - A Remarkable Entry into the Smart Ring Market

In conclusion, Noise’s debut in the smart ring market is nothing short of impressive. The Noise Luna Ring is a perfect choice for health enthusiasts who appreciate minimalistic tech accessories while seeking continuous access to their vital body statistics. With its slim design, accurate tracking, and comfortable wear, the Luna Ring by Noise is a winning choice for those who value style and functionality.



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