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Is a smart ring affordable in India, considering 5+ aspects?

Whether a smart ring is affordable or not depends on an individual’s budget and priorities. It is important to remember that rings are more expensive than conventional bands and are still a relatively new technology. They have features including sleep monitoring, contactless payments, mobile notifications, and fitness tracking. 


Who should be considered for purchase?

According to the most recent data available, entry-level smart ring prices in India start at 9000 rupees. Notably, companies like Boat and Noise whose ring is called Luna Ring, have already introduced their products to the market.
If you are looking for a ring that offers limited features mentioned above and are willing to spend the money, then a smart ring might be a good investment for you. However, if you are looking for a traditional ring or do not need the additional features offered by a smart ring, then it might not be worth the extra cost. Here are some considerations to help determine who might find a smart ring affordable and who should consider buying one:
  • Affordable for Tech Enthusiasts: A smart ring might be a fair purchase for people who have an obsession with the newest technology devices and have the funds to buy them.
  • Pricey for Those on a Budget: However, a clever ring costing 9000 rupees could seem pricey to somebody on a limited budget.
Use Cases:
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: A ring with fitness tracking capabilities could be a worthwhile purchase if you’re an active person who routinely monitors your health and fitness.
  • IT-Aware Professionals: Smart rings are an excellent option for tech-savvy people because they can be convenient for professionals who want to quickly access notifications and basic tasks on their finger.
Fashion and Style:
  • Fashion-Aware People: Certain rings are made with a focus on style and have the potential to make a fashion statement. A smart ring can be a wise option if you value integrating technology with your own sense of flair.
App Ecosystem:
  • Limited App Ecosystem: The app ecosystem for smart rings is not as extensive as that of smartphones or smartwatches, limiting the range of available applications and features.
Early Adopters:
  • Early Tech Adopters: Early adopters of new technology often find the initial price tag reasonable for the novelty and innovation a smart ring offers.

What is inside a ring?

The way those rings fit electronics into such a tiny form factor is amazing. Unsurprisingly, a number of technologies, including an NFC chip, sensor, Bluetooth chip, battery, microcontroller, and light indicator, work together to create the magic in this little wearable.

smart ring

Pros & Cons of Smart Ring


  • Compact and Convenient: Because they are so light and small, These rings are comfortable to wear and carry along. Compared to other wearables like smartwatches, they are more covert.
  • Notifications at Your Fingertips: Receive notifications for calls, messages, and app alerts directly on your finger, reducing the need to check your phone constantly.
  • Fitness Tracking: To help you stay active and keep an eye on your health, many smart rings come equipped with fitness tracking capabilities like step counting, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking.
  • Fashionable and Stylish: Some rings are made with aesthetics in mind, so you may wear the newest technology and still look stylish.
  • Hands-Free Control: They can be used for gesture control, which can be useful in various applications, from presentations to controlling smart home devices.
  • Security and Authentication: These rings can be used for biometric authentication, improving security by enabling one-tap device unlocking or data access.
  • Waterproof and Durable: These rings are designed to be waterproof and durable, so you can wear them in various environments without worry.


  • Limited Functionality: When it comes to functionality, smart rings are usually less advanced than smartphones or smartwatches. They might not be able to use apps or offer as much information in-depth.
  • Small Screen: The small screen or interface on the ring can make it challenging to interact with notifications or apps effectively.
  • Battery Life: Due to their small size, these rings may have limited battery life, requiring frequent charging.
  • Compatibility: You could only be able to use these rings with particular platforms or devices, and their interoperability with gadgets and apps may be limited.
  • Cost: As mentioned in the previous answer, these rings can be relatively expensive compared to the functionality they offer.
  • Limited App Ecosystem: Due to the smaller app ecosystem, there are fewer apps and functionalities available for these rings compared to smartphones or smartwatches.
  • Sizing and Comfort: Fit might differ from person to person, so it can be difficult to find the proper size and make sure the ring is comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time.

Are Smart Rings Worth It?

At the moment, smart rings are a hidden gem. Yet, based on our observations thus far, venturing into smart rings is truly worthwhile. This emerging wearable technology holds great promise and is poised to cater to a diverse user base, ranging from health and fitness enthusiasts to daily commuters and savvy shoppers. While smart rings haven’t yet reached mainstream status globally, certain markets have already embraced them. Nevertheless, with major tech companies entering the scene, it won’t be long before others join in, ultimately propelling the smart ring industry to the forefront of the consumer market.


The Smart Ring is ideally worn on your index finger for optimal tracking. It’s the most convenient and comfortable choice for daily activities. However, if you prefer, you can wear it on your middle or ring fingers. Ensure it fits snugly but not too tight, allowing comfortable wear without restricting blood flow.

The number of smart rings you can wear at once is not strictly regulated. But it’s crucial to remember that having too many rings on might make your hands appear cluttered and difficult to wear.

You can find various smart rings from foreign brands like Oura, Motiv, Token, McLEAR, and NFC. Additionally, Indian brands like Boat and recently launched Noise Luna Ring are available.



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