How to Clear Cookies on Safari

How to Clear Cookies on Safari

To clear treats on Safari, go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data. Pick the site or locales that you need to erase treats from, at that point click Remove. You can likewise expel treats from all locales in the rundown in one pass by tapping on Remove All, trailed by Remove Now on the discourse box that shows up.

How to Clear Cookies on Safari

Open Safari.

Snap on Safari in the Apple Menu Bar. You will just discover this choice in the upper left corner of your screen on the off chance that you click on the Safari program first.

At that point select Preferences. You can likewise get to this menu by hitting the Command + Coma keys on your console simultaneously.

Go to the Privacy tab.

At that point click the Manage Website Data box.

Select the destinations you need to erase treats for. Underneath the site name, Safari will demonstrate whether the site stores information as treats, in your reserve, or in different spots. You can pick various destinations without a moment’s delay by holding down the Command key as you make your determination.

At last, click Remove. From a similar menu, you can likewise expel put away information from all sites in the rundown by clicking Remove All. At that point click Remove Now in the brief that shows up.