5 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

One of the more normal things individuals need to do is move records from their cell phone or tablet to their work area. Here and there it’s a photograph, some of the time it’s a tune, and numerous different occasions it’s a type of record, introduction, or other document that requirements moved. There are entirely a couple of approaches to move documents from Android to PC (and back once more) and we’ll investigate them here.

AirDroid and Pushbullet

Value: Free/$1.99 every month/$19.99 every year/$38.99 per two years

5 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

AirDroid is one of the more mainstream applications to move documents from Android to PC. It can do other stuff as well. The highlights incorporate sending and accepting SMS/MMS from your PC, see your gadget warnings, and considerably more. It can even locate a lost telephone, control the camera, and use applications. You’ll likewise have the option to move records to your PC from your telephone. You get the essential stuff for nothing. You’ll need to buy in to the support of get everything. Pushbullet works especially a similar path as far as moving documents to PC from your Android gadget, regardless of whether it costs somewhat more. You can go with both of these choices. They are the two most mainstream alternatives.

Distributed storage

Value: Free/Varies by application

5 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

Distributed storage is a magnificent technique to move records from Android to PC and back once more. There are an assortment of administrations to look over, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box.com, and others. Moving records is sufficiently simple. You transfer the document to distributed storage on one gadget. You at that point download it on another gadget. Most distributed storage applications have their own devoted applications and it makes the procedure simpler. We have our best distributed storage applications list connected up toward the head of this article.

Feem v4

Value: Free

5 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

Feem is a straightforward application that does one thing extremely right. It moves things from gadgets associated with a similar WiFi organize. That incorporates cell phones, tablets, PCs, PCs, or whatever else. Every gadget just downloads Feem and runs it. From that point, you can move anything you desire to and from those gadgets. The WiFi shouldn’t be associated with the real web. A neighborhood arrange is all you truly need. It’s basic, powerful, modest, and the Material Design looks pleasant. ShareIt is another application in this equivalent style that progresses admirably.

Resilio Sync

Value: Free

5 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

Resilio Sync (some time ago BitTorrent Sync) is somewhat of a special case. It works a great deal like distributed storage. Be that as it may, the distributed storage worker is your own work area or PC. You can match up as much information as you’d like, move documents to and fro voluntarily, and significantly more. It should bolster Mac, Linux, and Windows too. It’s unquestionably among the safer alternatives. Your stuff is never on a cloud worker. It’s simply your telephone and your gadget conversing with one another. The application is completely free without any promotions and no in-application buys. This is the one we’d suggest first. It takes a piece to set it up, however.


Value: Free

5 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

Xender is one of the most well known applications in this space. It lets you interface your telephone to another gadget and move over WiFi. It works with other Android or iOS telephones, Macs, PCs, and even Tizen. The application carries out its responsibility as planned more often than not and it worked alright in our testing. Notwithstanding, this is one of those applications that either works impeccably or it doesn’t work by any stretch of the imagination. It additionally has a couple of different highlights, similar to the capacity to change over video to sound and you can obviously utilize it to download Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram recordings. Another solid (yet less well known) contender here is Feem.

Non-application approaches to move documents

In the event that applications aren’t your arrangement, there are still some different approaches to move documents from your PC to Android and the other way around.

Use Bluetooth – If your PC has a Bluetooth module or on the off chance that you have a Bluetooth dongle for your work area or PC, you can match your gadget with your PC utilizing Bluetooth and send documents that way. The exchange rates are exceptionally moderate so just utilize this strategy for littler records.

USB On-The-Go – USB OTG links permit you to associate your gadget to USB gadgets, for example, outside hard drives or blaze drives. You utilize the link to move reports to your blaze drive or outer hard drive or off of those things on to your Android gadget. They are moderately modest.

Offer to email – This lone works with little records like photographs or archives, however you can send most kinds of documents over email. Most messages have a restriction of around 25MB for connections.

Offer to talk – This works for various record types, particularly in the event that you use something like Discord, Slack, or Skype. You send yourself the record in a visit on one gadget and recover it on another. This should work for littler records like photographs, archives, or comparative things. Skype and Slack have support for things like PDF records, chronicled (compressed) records, and other archive types too.

Utilize your information/charging link – This one is genuinely self-evident. Simply plug your telephone into your PC utilizing the USB link that accompanies your charger. This is the most widely recognized and solid strategy for moving documents to PC from Android gadgets.

Your small scale SD card – Devices with miniaturized scale SD card backing can move documents a lot of like glimmer drives. You utilize a document chief application to move the records to the SD card, pop it out of your telephone (in the wake of turning it off, obviously), and afterward utilize a connector to place it into your card peruser on your PC or an alternate connector to interface it to your PC’s USB drive.